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Atlantean Guitar Playthrough

Review: The Pain Fucktory Magazine

Conscript review

Cheers to The Pain Fucktory magazine for this stellar review of the Celestial Mechanics EP.

Conscript joins Static Tension Recordings

Static Tension Recordings LogoExtremely excited to announce that Conscript has joined the roster of Static Tension Recordings along with UK label-mates Reign of Fury.

Static Tension Recordings will handle promotion and digital distribution in the US, along with a limited edition cassette release which is to be released on 24th February.

For pre-orders of the cassette or to grab the digital EP, please head to statictension.bandcamp.com/album/celestial-mechanics right now!

Lyrics section added

A lyrics section has just been created. Check it out here.

Interview with Nine Circles

Conscript Interview Excerpt

Joey recently answered some questions for Nine Circles about Conscript, metal and more metal. Check it out here.

Celestial Mechanics Lyric Video

Celestial Mechanics Lyric Video

Celestial Mechanics is out now!


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Celestial Mechanics solo sneak peek

Cosncript - Atlantean solo preview
The Celestial Mechanics EP is released worldwide on the 15th December 2016!

Celestial Mechanics EP release date

Celestial Mechanics 15.12.16This year has been busy for me musically after being asked to join my friends in FROM EDEN TO EXILE in the final stages of completing their debut album and involvement in other projects which are still ongoing.

It was always my intention to get some Conscript music out before the end of 2016 and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on with Death Culture studio and Styletone Music Production Limited.

The Celestial Mechanics EP will be released on the 15th December and will be released digitally to all major platforms. I’ll probably put a torrent up too, along with other cool bits!

Much heaviness and several riffs to follow, watch this space!

– Joey