Joey Jaycock- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drum programming

Conscript is a one man project of Joey Jaycock, formed with the goal in mind to create the optimal melodic death metal sound. Taking influences from old school thrash, black metal and throwing in some symphonic tenancies, Conscript delivers a unique but brutal soundscape stitched together with frantic riffs and intricate drum programming to forge an addictive and epic wall of sound.

Conscript’s debut release Celestial Mechanics was unleashed in December 2016 to an extremely positive reception and is available on all major digital platforms now.

In 2017, Conscript joined Static Tension Recordings for a limited run of cassettes.

Other projects

Joey holds down bass duties for Bloodstock M2M 2015 victors From Eden to Exile (Northampton) and performs as a session guitarist for UK thrash titans Reign of Fury (Cheltenham).

Joey has played guitar previously for Apparitions of the End (Oxfordshire) and Bludvera (Liverpool). 


Conscript proudly uses:

Mayones Guitars, Schecter Guitars, Ibanez Basses, Fender Basses, Marshall Amplifiers, Orange Bass amplifiers, Line 6 wireless, Planet Waves cables, D’addario strings and Subway sandwiches.